Integrity Benefits Services – formerly The Gregorio Group – ensures your employee benefits programs fit beautifully and function efficiently. From group health coverage, group dental coverage, long term care, disability insurance, to life insurance, Integrity Benefits Services is there for all your needs.

We offer a wide range of choices, solutions and products including: medical, dental, life, disability, and voluntary benefits programs for all size companies. Our experienced service team can help you with your specific needs.

Seeking a partner to handle group medical, life, disability and voluntary benefits programs for your business? With Integrity Benefits Services, you’ll discover a wide range of choices, solutions and products backed by assurances of knowledge, creativity, value, and experience.

The Fit in Benefits

A client may already have the optimal benefits package. The Integrity Benefits Services difference is delivering superior service on those existing programs.

Integrity Benefits Services delivers it all with one big advantage: the industry’s best and most personal service team. Our caring and professional staff solves complex issues no matter.

We apply skill and precision to get things right the first time. Our experience and reputation…

If you like what you have, let’s make it even better through a proven process that’s comfortable for your workforce. If you need something new and different… We won’t quit until you, your CFO, your HR department and your people are thrilled.

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