About Integrity

Here’s What We Do…

Primarily serving mid-sized companies headquartered on the East Coast, Integrity Benefits Services brokers and manages comprehensive employee benefits programs. Backed by three decades of success, we expertly design and administer Group health, disability, wellness, life, and voluntary benefits programs for companies of all sizes. We access all carriers and offer all products. Because many of our clients operate multiple locations across the country, we are licensed to practice in most states.

Here’s Why It’s Better…

Our service is the best and most personal in the business. Many clients are from other satisfied client referrals who find that our services are far beyond what they’d come to expect from companies who do what we do. We care – about your employees, your success, your programs, your comfort level, your bottom line –and it shows every time we interact with you or on your behalf. You’ll know us by our first names. You’ll see us working cheerfully after hours. You’ll love how we communicate with you and your staff to make your programs fit perfectly and function efficiently.

Because we’ve been in the business so long, our relationships with carriers, administrative partners, and wholesalers are second to none. We plan for issues before they develop and know how to resolve these issues quickly and efficiently when they occur.

Let’s Get to Work…

If you like what you have, let’s make it even better through personalized service that’s immediately comfortable for your workforce, your HR department and your management team. If you need something new and different, we’ll create a custom fit and guide your staff through the process calmly and efficiently. Integrity Benefits Services puts knowledge, value, solutions and experience into action for you every day.

Integrity Benefits Services builds strong rapport between your team and ours.

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